Benefits of Hemp

Lots of folks are curious why hemp is beneficial. Hemp was once widely grown for fiber, seeds, oil, and textiles. See this great website on the history of hemp. Today, we grow our hemp for high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These are similar to chemicals the body makes to regulate appetite, memory, movement, and pain. Click here for more info on cannabinoid and their properties.

Generally, CBD provides: 1) anti-inflammatory antiseptic, and analgesic properties; 2) it is anti-anxiety and anti-depressant; 3) hemp increases memory, focus, self-satisfaction and energy; 4) it blocks pro-mutagens implicated in carcinogenesis; and 5) hemp has shown positive results in studies related to alcoholism rehabilitation!

CBD (and other cannabinoids) can be eaten, applied topically, or ingested. Our hemp is processed as smokable flower, yummy gummy squares, infused coconut oil (edible), lotions and balms, and a myriad of other products!

Published by Margie Borecki

Margie Borecki is a researcher, educator, and farmer with a PhD in environmental engineering. Her dissertation researched plant uptake of nutrients and metals. She is meticulous in processes and procedures to ensure only the highest quality flower and biomass products.

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